ParkMaven is authorised by landowners to install signage setting out the terms and conditions of parking, issue Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) for a breach of those terms and conditions, and to recover any unpaid charges.


This contract demonstrates that we have a legitimate interest in issuing PCNs when a breach of the terms and conditions occur. 


As members of the BPA we have a strict audit process we must adhere to before we are authorised to issue a PCN. We must gather the following documents, prior to enforcing on the land:

  • Enforcement Agreement – A contract between ParkMaven and the landowner
  • A site map to show where all our signs will be located
  • All signage that will be used on the land

While this contract exists, ParkMaven are not required to supply a copy of this contract to motorists who request it, due to the confidential nature of the content.