All appeals should be submitted here.


Entering the PCN Reference number, and your VRN, you’ll need to fill in your contact details, then select a reason for appeal. 


You should submit as much information and evidence as possible to enable us to fairly assess the reasons for your appeal.


This will then be reviewed by our appeals team who will take into consideration all evidence provided and the specific circumstances surrounding the parking contravention. Once they've made a decision, you'll receive confirmation of this via email. 


If your appeal is approved, the ticket will be cancelled and no further action will be required. 


If your appeal is declined, you'll be provided with a POPLA code which allows you to appeal to an independent body. Please note, POPLA will not accept appeals without the verification code. 


If your appeal is declined, you'll be re-offered the reduced rate for an extended period of time. However, if you appeal to POPLA you forfeit this discount, and should your appeal be declined by POPLA you'll be required to pay the full cost of the PCN.


All appeals will be responded to within 35 days, if you haven't received a response you should contact us to check on the status of this as your appeal response may have been sent to your junk mail by your email provider. You must not assume it has been cancelled.