I shouldn't have been issued with a PCN

Modified on Fri, 28 Jul 2023 at 05:03 AM

ParkMaven issues PCN's in two ways: 

1. ANPR cameras

2. Handheld cameras


You can tell whether a PCN has been issued through ANPR or handheld based on the photo shown on your PCN: ANPR cameras are typically high in the entrance and/or exit to the car park, so the images will only show your vehicle entering and exiting the car park. Handheld cameras however will always show your vehicle parked within the car park.


If your vehicle has been issued with a PCN via an ANPR camera, this is because your vehicle has either overstayed a free parking period, or was not authorised to park. 

A vehicle is considered as authorised to park through any of the following methods: 

1. Payment made for parking session using the payment methods as stated on signage within the car park

2. Parking session validated using a tablet, QR code, or by giving vehicle details to a member of staff (where appropriate)

3. Being added to the allow list for the site e.g. as a member of staff at a car park


If you have received a PCN, this means your vehicle was not authorised to park through any of these methods. 


If your vehicle has been issued with a PCN via a handheld camera this could be because it was not authorised to park, or due to breaching other terms of parking. 


Examples include, but are not limited to:
1. Parking in a blue badge bay without displaying a blue badge

2. Parking in a loading zone

3. Parking in a space not reserved for that class of vehicle (e.g parking a car in a coaches only zone)

4. Not parking in a bay


If you feel your PCN has been issued in error, you must appeal this online here.


For more information on how the appeals system works, you can read more here.

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